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White freaks with BIG ASSES? Yes it much be March motherfuckin Madness! Yes, my fellow perverts the year is moving along faster than you can imagine. We had a ton of fun this month and we have the video tape to prove it!! Here is a quick recap of a ****few of the updates on what you missed inside of the members community. 

7 black man sperm slam.
Playmate runner up fisting lessons
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The first month of the new year is in the books! Boom! February the month of love is upon us already? Dam time sure does fly when you are having a ***fucking blast!! If you miss the big New York Gangbang on 5th Avenue last weekend, don't worry the picture galleries and movie files will be online this weekend! 

If you are in the Miami Beach area and would like to fuck some of the hottest freaks in the world, please drop us a line. We are hosting exclusive gangbangs once a month in New York and Miami!  Here is a quick recap of what you missed in the month of January.

*New Years Eve party in Montreal, 7 clubs with 7 diffrent hoes. I met a 5'11 French freak with glasses! She sucked me cock to be the 1st black cock cum slut of 2005

*New York City Interracial Gangbang featuring Brianna and Tara, both from South Carolina, both swallowed 3 loads of cum! Im sorry Brianna swallowed 7 LOADS in 24 hours.

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Facial Bitch #1 took another black cock load on Friday, and I must say it was a fucking good one. I don't what it is about French girls but they really seem to love talk sexy while massaging a black cock and smiling for the camera! Where would the world be without a good French cum loading, black sperm swallowing freak? 

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She's married. She's successful. But she's very, very unsatisfied when it comes to making love to her husband. Hmmmmm, sounds like a job for the bachelor! Meet Cindy a 37 year old English Teacher at a local university in town! She contacted us to help her fulfill a long time fantasy! She has always wanted to get black sperm shot inside of her by a complete stranger. A black stranger! Mission accomplished!!!!

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French girls like to party, drink and FUCK! My recent trip to Montreal found me in a cheap hotel with my favorite cum bitch! Rum & coke, pot smoking and plenty of asshole licking was jumping off on this trip! God bless French Whores!

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We hit the black cock jackpot this weekend Motherfucker's! Our new white friend told us about her many fantasies when we were hanging out Friday. One of them was to be treated like a good slut and drink alot of hot piss after a 12 pack of Bud light!  Hello! 

Fuck That Shit Bye, Bye North!

Our last winter in the north part of the country and I so fucking happy about it! No more snow for the brothers! We are relocating to the dirty south, and the feeling of packing up boxes late at night is a good thing around here! Bye, bye north it has been fun! 

Hello Dirty South New City, New Bitches

You are looking at the new HQ for the world famous Black Bachelor, a new city with new hoes! Stay tuned we will fill you in on the home coming party! There will be plenty of hoes to fuck!!! Holla!


Its So Hard To Say- Goodbye!

After countless email requests from members, I have decided to post the final black cock series of my ex-girlfriend Gerry. We wish this hot blonde much luck in her attempt to make it as an FBI agent! Bye, bye Gerry I really miss sticking my fist up your ass!

Funky Wet Asian Wet Pussy

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Its so hard to say goodbye my friend to another great fucking year of bring the world the best pussy on the planet!! I hit three different parties and check out the sexy photos, I don't remember these chicks name but they do love the camera! 

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The final destination ended at Club Pure, home of the largest all Latina New Years Party. Dam, these bitches were fine and a brother hit the jackpot by taking two of them home!! Spanish chicks are nasty!!!!! Happy New Year everybody, 2005 opened with me blowing 2 huge loads in 2 new freaks mouths! 


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