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"We usually drop in the summer, but it looks like the new black bachelor design will be ready in early march! And word on the Interracial street is, this will be a hard hitting, black cock take over! New bitches, new bulls and plenty of hardcore smash mouth porn!! Stay tuned!!!!!


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"Things were going well in the D, (Dallas) before they got their ass handed to them by a 40 year old quarterback! Our IR snitches tell us that their has been an increase of **beckys (white girls), showing up at the night clubs after the NFL playoff games! Why? You guessed it fucker! These white girls are chasing black dicks all over Texas and the black women are fucking tired of it! So this week we have decided to honor all white girls in texas, you bitches get the dirty nasty whore award!! Check out a sexy picture from a hot white girl dancing with her new black friend at the club, all the white guys just stood back and watched their lovely woman fall for another race, in their face! LOL!!! 

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"Oh yeah, the wait is finally over you fucking perverts! We are back from Europe and trust me the wait is worth it! The bitches over the pond are the nastiest bbc lovers in the world! There has been a major change of the guard, europe is the new slut capital of the world! If you are a true interracial fan, you dont want to miss the new design for the world famous black bachelor, stay tuned bitches, the boys are back in town!!

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"First they voted a black president and now this! What the hell is a average white man to do in this new interracial world! A recent poll indicates that the average white male is not to pleased to see his white woman dating outside of their race! Interracial dating is up across the board in 2009 and some white men are NOT happy about this shit!!!!

"Many white men are upset that many white women have abandoned their race for **blacker pastures that will further speed up the process of making the white race an minority sooner than the projected date of 2050! "My daughter has rap music on her Ipod and attends night clubs that support that lifestyle with her black and latina girlfriends and it makes me sick to my stomache, states Michael Bailey a conservative white business owner from the midwest! Dont misunderstand where my frustation lies, my question is what is wrong with dating a white guys at a white night club? Im not against having a diverse group of people to socialize with, but dating black men exclusively is a bit much"! My father would roll over in his grave if he knew is little grand daughter was thinking about wedding a black man! Im sick of it, I tell you!

LOL, dam I guess Martin Luther King was right, one day we will all walk hand and hand! I guess the white man didnt expect his woman to be walking without his ass, while holding a black mans hand! Karma is a bitch for all the discrimination done over the years I guess shit has finally caught up with the almighty!

This week we dedicate the dirty nasty whore award too: Everybody who has done some filthy shit to stop the movement of interracial sex and dating! The preachers who wouldnt marry the interracial couple in the south earlier this year, the media for dragging Tiger Woods swinger ass into the group for fucking MORE white women and the bastards who turn their noses up when they see a Interracial couple walking down the street! You get the dirty nasty whore award, fuckers!! You cant stop the darkside from spreading, deal with it!!


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"Motherfuckers if you have never been to Eastern Europe you have no clue how fine the bitches are in that part of the world! Not to mention the fact they are all WHORES and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE swallowing black sperm! This week we take a stroll down the east block and highlight several of the finest BBC bitches on the planet! My homie sent me these dirty shots of a small porn shoot her was apart of! As you know, the crew here at black bachelor will be on the eastern block fucking these hotties, so we are just getting you ready for what you are about to see, its going to be fucking crazy mothers!! The interracial world will not believe what is about to happen 

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"So Im on the way to Europe for the holidays and I run into a fucking hottie on a European board! Defrancesa is her name and looking pretty in photos is her game! Defran, has only shot porn with white guys and is now ready to step her game up and give that ass to the brothas! First of all, I was shocked to see how down this bitch was with the hip hop movement, she knew all the hardcore rappers and is open to doing some grimey shit on film! ! 

"I have been thinking about chilling out on making adult videos, it has been on my mind lately, but if you and your friends are going to be around for a while, I may consider stopping by for some fun"! ---Defrancesca!!

"I have said it countless times, European women are much better in the bed than American will every dream about! This bitch is fucking off the chain!! And she will ONLY be seen here motherfuckers! This bitch makes the list for dirty rotten whore of the century once I piss in her pretty little fucking mouth!!!! Defrancesa is name and swallowing black sperm is about to be her game! Stay tuned perverts!!!!

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"You saw them on HBO's hard knocks training camp of Cincinniti, Chat's girlfriend is a total cutie! The bad thing is she cant stop hanging out with black pro players, Chad has had enough and called off the wedding!! Chad please tell us you have a interracial sex tape to post online!

T.O Is the fucking man!!! And Chad's girl knows it!


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Is Porn star Claudia Downs Having A Black Baby"??

"WOW!! First of Congrats to Claudia Downs, many people go thru life and never can have a baby. I hope her kids comes out healthy and strong! Having said that, I wonder if the babies daddy is Black? Remember Claudia openly talked about how her mother had like 10 kids from 10 different dudes, several of which were BLACK!! At that time Claudia admitted to having a BLACK pimp and talked about how she only dated BLACK men! Its been several years, but I couldnt help but wonder, is her baby going to be BLACK???

"A recent photo of Claudia at home showing off her healthy belly! I hope everything works out for her, she was good for the Interracial movement! Peace!


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"If you are not aware of it by now, here at black bachelor we have a ton of female fans who send us dirty emails and nasty photos! Here are a few students from Texas who took freaky shots of there buttholes, whom they love to have fucked by big black cocks! So  this week dirty nasty whore is dedicated to college female students in the entire state of Texas! 

WOW, I guess its true what they say, every thing is bigger in Texas, including white assholes and big black dicks!!!!!


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"I love female fans, they really know how to talk dirty via email. Meet Zara one of our biggest fans,

Hi guys my name is Zara, Im a very kinky muslim girl from Pakistan looking to make a big splash in the U.S as a dirty pornstar! I really like this site because you treat the girls like sluts, which I like. I think i will come in next summer. i wanna enjoy beaches/sexy bikinis which i never wear openly in Pakistan. I don't wanna come in december because its gonna be too cold and snow there in USA.

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"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Interracial Divorce Is On The Way, Lamar Fucking New White Pussy Already! (Dam Nigga)"!!


Star Magazine, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar are on the verge of getting divorced.

Here's what they're saying, according to Star Magazine:

Khloe was in tears when Lamar didn't return to their hotel room . . . until very late after the Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors in a preseason game on Oct 7. When Lamar finally showed up, Khloe asked him for a back massage, saus the insider.

"He refused and blew up at her, saying she should give him a massage for playing a difficult game. Khloe threw a huge fit and slept in a different room."

And apparently Lamar's on the prowl for jumpoffs too. Here's more:
He flirted with a bevy of girls and took special interest in a brunette, ays an eyewitness. "Lamar talked to her for an hour and had a huge smile on his face. It was obvious he was interested in her.
Lamar Takes Kloe To The Motherfucking Ghetto To Cash A L.A Laker Check!

Kloe & Lamar in the ghetto at a check cashing place!! This nigga is ghetto as hell! Kloe looks so embarrassed! Welcome to the ghetto bitch!!!

"I love this white bitch, I bet Lamar be blasting big loads in her hot pussy!!!


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"White chicks are the black cock sluts ever created! Meet Gia a club kid who loves to party on the Las Vegas strip! If you are looking for a white whore to start or finish your night, you need to meet this bitch! Believe it or not we ran into Gia in the elevator at the Bellagio, she kept asking silly questions while smiling so we knew this freak wanted to get her pussy beat down! I asked this whore what she likes to do for fun and she replied, "Im do whatever for fun, I suck dick for fun, party for fun, fuck 2 to 3 niggaz at one time for fun, Im down for fun"! After that reply I knew I has just ran into this weeks dirty nasty whore of the week. I snuck a camera phone pic while my homie stuck his dick in her mouth, she swallowed everybodies sperm by the way"!

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"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "BREAKING NEWS! Khloe K & L. Odem Interracial Wedding Photos!

"WTF!! What the fuck is wrong with Lakers Forward Lamar Odem?? First you marry a white girl who is linked to banging every other black athlete in the world! Then you marry her three weeks after fucking her! WITHOUT a prenup??? Lamar gets the dirty nasty whore award of the year around here! Stupid ass niKKA!!

WE had to show you Kims ass, we just had too! :)


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"Chris Brown was a lucky motherfucker! Do you know how many pop shots this hottie would have gotten on a daily basis if she was hanging around the house!!!

"Ah yeah, I'm offically a fan of this young hottie! Every CD from here from this point on is offically bought!!!!


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"Ah yes people the Interracial Gods are back to business. Your favorite big booty celeb can't live without dark meat in her life, while her other half jumps back into the light side of hot pussy! The interracial saga continues. !


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Checking in From Hot Ass Las Vegas Rocking With A Ton Of Dirty Nasty West Coast Whores"!!

"Whats up perverts its poppin out here in hot ass Las Vegas Im going on day 5 so far, thats why the updates are running a day behind! This week I really dont know where to start, first of all I want to take a moment out to say Rest in Peace to Big Dee, owner of www.blackcocksociety.net he passed away, a few weeks ago! Support that brothas movement!

Here are some of the pix from whats going on out here in Vegas, the rest can be seen in the members community!

I must have met a million new dirty nasty whores at Treasure Island the flood guys are wide open now, white girls are in love with black can latin cocks! The world doesnt know how to react, but we do! The pix say it all! Shout out to all the college cuties from New Jersey!


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"Dumb whores just keep poppin up all over the place! First Lil Mamma now this shit! Brenda Sanchez hits up asking about shooting some dirty nasty whore porn. We looked over her pix and thought she was worthy to get pissed on and face fucked, just to name a few things! Then all of the sudden our new dirty nasty whore friend flips the script! !

"Here is the email" "Oh by the way, Im not into creampies, facials, anal or interracial"! Is that ok? Im available whenever you guys have an opening"! LOL, is this bitch dumb or what! she emails us from a interracial site and then says shes not into interracial. I guess this bitch just wanted us to see her little latina booty photos or something! Little did she know she is going to be the start of this weeks **dirty nasty whore list! What the fuck bitch! If you dont like black dick, WHY are you on this site?? I guess its cool to let white sperm hit your taco eating face, but not the brothas? Get a grip bitch and I know you are reading this right now! Porn is degrading period, no matter if you fuck a black or white dick on film! Its all degrading!!! Enjoy your dirty nasty whore pix, you made the site finally!!


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"Every now and then there is a slut wife who goes where no other slutty white married chick dares to go! Gina is from Iran, she has a loving husband of 10 years who has stopped fucking her. Why? Because she loves doing nasty shit with black men behind closed doors! I personally had a great time pissing in this married chicks mouth, before filling her middle eastern pussy up with black sperm! This bitch is a real slut!!

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"What the fuck do we have here ladies and perverts?? Wendy is a freshman in college and dam does this bitch have alot of slut stories to share with us! Outside of fucking two niggaz in her biology lab after class, this freaky bitch loves it when black cats slam their balls against her clit and fill her pussy up with sperm! This young bitch is proud to make the dirty nasty whore blog!! LOL, members can see her private cum filled interracial pussy photos!

"My parents know in the back of their minds, that I do like fucking men of color, just have to deal with it"! ---Kali


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"Please stop sending annoying text messages to your girlfriend while she is sucking black cocks white guys! This shit is getting fucking old! Your bitch will be home when we are done with her!! There is nothing worse than some cry baby ass boyfriend calling while a niggaz is just starting to get his dick cleaned! I was hanging out with this nerdy chick a few days ago, and her boyfriend just kept sending text messages asking when are you coming home, Im hungry, blah, blah blah!

WE laughed at the messages and my new white bitch friend went back to sucking my dick while her boyfriend sat home and waited for her to return with black sperm on her breath!


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"A good dirty nasty whore is hard to come by in todays bad economy, but thank goodness for sluts like Kali! This dirty south big booty white chick is a big under cover freak for black dicks! One of my white homies hooked us up with her to *sample the goods and dam did this bitch have a wet ass pussy made for having black babies! To be a good dirty nasty whore you need to like having sex bare back style, which is what Kali specializes in!! Plus you need to love it in your ass along with swallowing huge loads of hot sperm! This bitch is 3 for 3! We are proud to induct Kali into our dirty nasty whore hall of fame! If you ever see her in the dirty south let her know we have love for her!!

"My parents know in the back of their minds, that I do like fucking men of color, just have to deal with it"! ---Kali


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"Nasty white whores just keep finding us and begging us to be apart of a nasty nigga black cock family! Meet Angela a new freak who likes to get passed around from black guy to black guy from the Bronx! My homie hooked me up with her a few days ago and dam did this bitch get grimey!!! Angela likes to lick black assholes! Angela likes to talk shit while she is getting fucked by niggaz! Angela likes anal! Angela likes to let her friends fuck her black boyfriends! Angela is the black bachelors new bbc pet and can only be seen here!!!

"Members have unlimited access to this dirty nasty whores, exclusive photo and videos! Holla back"!


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"Its no often that we get a teen interracial princess on our dirty nasty whore blog! Meet Crissy a cute ass Canadian freak with a fetish for fucking big black dicks and swallowing sweet black sperm! This little whore told us about the time she banged a group of blacks at a house party! Her white boyfriend was passed out drunk in the car, while she was taking black dick after black dick in her pussy while he slept! White whores are the best porn bitches! Crissy has two kids now, and still lives in Canada, with her new boyfriend who has no clue she's the nastiest black cock whore in the world!!


"I would rather eat black protein, than some greasy cheeseburger from unhealthy McDonald's! ---Crissy"!


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Susan Is A Real Dirty Nasty Whore From Ireland Who Doesn't Want Her Family To Know The Real Truth"!!

"Susan is a dirty slut bitch who lies to her family and friends about who she really is!!! They would be shocked to find out that this bitch loves fucking black men on the down-low, while she is currently dating a Mexican banker with a nice job! Susan does swim suit modeling for corporate catalogs! This whore makes our list after we sampled her tight white pussy first hand!! Susan wanted to wear sunglasses so her friends wouldnt notice her, LOL! Stupid bitches!

We are proud to welcome Susan to our dirty nasty whore blog, if you are Mexico City reading this tell Susan when you see her, BB said Hi!!!


"Shout Out To The Wu-Tangs Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, DJ Drama, 106 Park & The City Of Toronto For A Banging Caribana Festival"!!

"Im back from another great week of partying, drinking and banging hot chicks in Toronto at this years Caribana! This is just a small sample of the hot bitches who was on the prowl looking for big black dicks! Its a shame that so many of these weak ass niggaz will NEVER have a chance at fucking bitches like this! I can't tell you how many fine ass chicks was asking where they could find more quality niggaz to kick it with, I had no choice but to tell them the real truth. "Most of these niggaz out here are mammas boys and bitches too"! NO homo, but enough about them, I got down with some of the hottest bitches on the planet, members login, you are going to love this shit"!!


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Siren Is The Black Bachelors New BBC Sperm Slut'! (Asian Piss Whore)

"My homie Monika told me about her friend who was a big, big fan of the site, I really didnt know what to expect because we have a ton of female fans, many of which are too scared to really get down on film! NOT Asian slut Siren! I met her and surprised at how nasty this bitch was after a few drinks of green tea! What people dont understand is, some of the sexiest women are bored with just regular sex, Siren is one of them, she likes the EXTREME shit! Fisting, pissing, face fucking, anal play, deepthroating, gang bangs, just to name a few! After a few hours I knew I had found my new black cock slut in training!!! !

  BlackBachelor: "Tell me about the first time you had sex with a black dude".
  Siren: "A few years ago I was doing some promotional modeling for a nightclub and they wanted me to be one of their cover girls for their posters. So I went to get my photos taken and the photographer was black. I knew he was feeling me, because he made me do each pose to to three times to keep me their longer. Well after a few hours he asked me to take a few nude photos for his portfolio, I agreed, the next thing he asked me was if he could pay me a few extra bucks to give him a hand job! I laughed, because hand jobs are for old men. He was still fairly young, I told him dont worry about the money, we fucked on the back room couch, it was fucking dirty!
  BB: "When did you realize you were a slutty girl"?
  S: "When my parents got my first computer, I was so dirty minded, and horny. I use to go into these chat rooms late at night and sit in the chair nude and masturbate. My pussy is always wet"!
  BB: "When did you start fantasizing about black men"?
  "S: "Ahhhhhhhhh, that was my ultimate fantasy because Chinese people are very conservative and family oriented, my father was starting to get on my nerves with his crazy house hold rules. He use to do business with this black business man and they would meet for coffee and talk for hours. I remember sitting on the patio watching his dick print through my mirror.  iwould act like  I was doing my make up, but I would just stare at his dick for hours. My father started telling me dress more like a lady and shit like that, I think he knew what I was up too.
  bb:"What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done"?
  s" When I turned 20 years old, I had a private sex party with about 13 guys! They all fucked me up my ass and pissed on me afterwards, it was so hot"! I felt like a dirty bitch afterwards"!
  BB: "Did you tell you friends about it"?
  "S"Not my female friends, but I did tell a few guy friends! They started looking at me differently after that, which was kind of wierd"!
  BB" What did they say? Is it true what they say about Asian men?
  "S"LOL, yes and no! Yes, Asian men have small dicks, but no they they dont all like to fuck really fast like a rabbit! My guy friends would call me names for the first time, like you "stupid bitch", "tramp hoe bitch", thats when I started to grow fond of being called nameds. The look in their eyes when they called me "dirty slut bitch" got my pussy wet. IF a guy isnt into shit talking and rough sex, I wont call him back. Thats how I get off"!

"Siren first black piss video can be seen in the world famous members area now"! (11:32  mins)!


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Famous Interracial Bitches With Big Phat Round Booties Made For Big Black Dicks"!!

"You can hate on Jay Z all you want, but look what is in the bed with him every night"!

"Did you know that a large percentage of the surfers are women!! We have alot of female black bachelor fans with ASS"!


"Another fan pic, college chicks love us"!! LOL!!!

"Do you remember just a short time ago when Diddy was banging this Latina bitch from behind every night"?!

"Jenny is back on the block with a nice pair of tight jeans hugging her hot anal sex loving spanish ass! I would lay on her ass every night and wouldnt care if this bitch farted in my face"!

"I want to do porn daddy! Yes, another wannabe has hit us up about being fucked on film"!


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Rapper Game, Makes The List For Being A True Dirty Nasty Music Industry Groupie Whore"!!

"Game the rapper hit the scene in 2005 and since then has sold less and less records from this first music release, which has moved the west coast compton rapper to pick, fake beefs, after fake beefs to keep his name popping in the street! Like most *bitches, who run around without a home, Game has jumped on any hot topic, from Chris Brown, Michael Jackson death to keep his name in the media because the fact of the matter is, his 15 minutes of fame is about 1 minute away from being OVA! Speaking of such, Game has taken his latest actions to diss Beyonce and Jay-Z. Why? Rumor has it, Game reached out to Jay, some time ago to do a song, Jay turned him down and this pissed him off, so he has been taking stabs at Jay for years. Too bad for Game, because Jay is just to big to battle, little rappers, who are not legends and can do nothing to help HIS own legendary career. Why battle a guy who is not even close to being a legend? Or better yet, Game is not even the best rapper in his own city! Dirty nasty whores will do anything for attention, Ice Cube said it best on Amerikkka's most wanted, "some of these niggaz are bitches too"! .This is the #1 reason why rapper Game make this weeks list for being a dirty nasty whore!

On another note, ask yourself this question. When west coast rapper Bishop Lamont, a new DR. Dre aftermath MC, was LOOKING for game for talking CRAZY! Game was quiet as a motherfucking mouse! Why? Because Bishop Lamont is in the hood and 9 times out of 10 will run into GAME and put his ass in check with the quickness! Game knew that so he deaded that beef quick! Game can talk shit all day, the chance of him running into Jay-Z in the hood is not going to happen in this lifetime! So you know what they say about when the cat is away, the dirty nasty whore mouses will play!

See ya next week in Montreal, people! Holla


"This Week On Dirty Nasty Whore: "Anna From Quebec City (Why I Love Fucking Black Guys & While Laughing At White Men)"!!

  "Black Bachelor:"How much do you like drinking dark rum"?
  Anna: LOL, a few times a week depending on what I have going on! (grin), ok, ok, more than a few times a week I would say four to five times a week.
  BB: What thru your mind once you have a few drinks?
  A: "I love to fuck!
  BB:"Really, so how how many drinks does it take for you to get into the mood of "Im going to fuck somebody tonight"!!
  A: "It depends on what Im drinking if its straight rum I would have to say 6 to 7 drinks! If I have a glass of wine before the rum, then 4 to 5 glasses. I have Italian in my blood so once we have a few drinks, we like to get nasty!
  BB: When did you realize your love for fucking black men?
  A:"When I use to dance at "Super Sex'o Strip club, several black guys came in, they were dressed nice and big spenders! They treated me like a princess! I hung out with them in the VIP, we talked, drank and by the end of the night I was going home with them. It was hot, and my first threesome!
  BB: "Did they fuck you up the ass? Are you big into ass fucking, by the way?
  A: Yes, and no! During the threesome, one of them kept sticking his finger in my ass while I sucked the other guys cock! At that time I had only had anal sex twice and both times it was with white guys! So after a few gentle strokes, I could feel that huge black dick in my belly! It was a sharp pain, but throughout the night, I got use to it!
  BB: Did you tell any of your stripper girlfriends about that night?
  A: Yes, they all had a look of amazement, I took both cocks like a champ! LOL, I will never forget that night!
  BB: Did you swallow both of their loads?
  A: "One guy shoot his cum load on my chest, the other guy shot his load inside of me"!
  BB: "What does black sperm feel like inside of you, did you get scared or nervous for letting black strangers cum inside of you"/
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